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Over the years we've built a few of the GNU tools for the 3B2, and we offer the binaries here for those without the compilers or the inclination to do it themselves. We warrant that we've built these binaries directly from source ourselves and have not comitted any shenanigans, though we're not sure why you should trust binaries from an unknown person on the internet. :-)

These were all built on a 3B2/600 system running 3.1.1, and we think they work on more or less the entire family. We usually park these binaries in the /usr/local/bin directory. All these binaries have their symbol tables stripped for compactness.

NOTE - those tools marked with a * were built very recently and have only been tested on a cursory basis. This is the best we can do for now, sorry.

GNU make 3.74, 155210 bytes
Program development utility; GNU make is much better than the standard tool provided.
GNU less #358, 128552 bytes *
Replacement for pg; we usually hardlink this to more out of habit. Much nicer than the poor pg.
GNU ZIP 1.13, 71842 bytes*
File compressor; hard link this to gunzip and zcat to provide all three functions from a single binary.
GNU Tar 1.2.4a, 184366 bytes*
Tape archiver.