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In the course of my work, I've developed a very large set of tools that I use for network security or for general system administration. For some of them I've managed to package them up with proper documentation such that they can be released, and this is the home page for them.

Packaging up these tools is a fair effort, and I'll try to get to them as quickly as I can. Be patient.

Unless otherwise mentioned, all these tools are in the public domain: I claim no copyright on them. Take them, use them in your own products, sell them, claim it as your own: whatever. This is free software. But feel free to say thanks :-)

Scans for open NETBIOS nameservers on a given range of IP addresses
Smart "whois" system for researching domain names and IP addresses; includes C and perl source with docs
websnarf — added 2001-08-01
Code Red request logger
pcascan — added 2002-04-25
Scan networks for open pcAnywhere servers
dslrim — added 2002-04-25
DSL Reports website IM checker (perl version, mostly obsolete)
ygpm — added 2002-05-21
DSL Reports website IM checker (C++ version)
eudinfo — added 2002-06-13
Extracts email account information from Eudora EUDORA.INI files
aimpass — added 2002-06-13
Decodes AOL Instant Messenger saved passwords
pcainfo — added 2002-06-13
Decodes pcAnywhere .CHF and .CIF files
ordbscan — added 2002-06-25
Scan sendmail logs for ORDB bounces (obsolete, is dead)
incsoa — added 2002-11-30
Increment serial number in BIND nameserver zone file
achart — added 2002-12-25
Display simple ASCII chart in multiple formats
hpsutil — added 2003-03-03
Hawking Ethernet print server configuration utility
ftpput — added 2003-05-09
Command-line send files to FTP server
datemath — added 2003-06-20
Command-line math with dates
winprinfo — added 2003-10-02
Query Windows printer information
winforms — added 2003-10-19
Query and manage Win32 forms
arblcheck — added 2003-10-22
Check names/IPs against DNS blocklists
dbmutex — added 2003-12-10
WinMutex Creation Service
fastzolver — added 2005-08-06
Very fast Asynchronous DNS resolver for Webalizer
lockrun — added 2006-06-02
Run cron job with overrun protection
whoamIP — added 2006-07-31
Find remote IP/hostname of current shell login session
rfc868time — added 2007-08-04
Win32 service providing the RFC868 time service.