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Occasionally my work is recognized in the media, and I'm always happy to mention these mentions here.


(this list is incomplete)

Note: My work in Linux Magazine appears on the web three months after publication, so I'll come back and adjust these links as they become available on the website.

Track Traffic with Webalizer - Linux Magazine, April 2005.
I really wanted to see how my website was doing, so many moons ago I dug into Webalizer. After setting it up on a number of systems, I decided that it was worth writing about. My editor agreed.
Compile Time: Wizardly Words for Warnings - Linux Magazine, August 2003.
I've long been enthusiastic about maxing out the compiler's warning mechanism, and this column talks about why it matters to do so. In addition to the obvious issue of "finding bugs", finding a way to make the warnings go away means that when a new one crops up, you have a chance of addressing it. The alternative is to have a dozen or two "innocuous" warnings, and when a new one shows up it gets missed.
Compile Time: Assert Yourself - Linux Magazine, June 2003.
In this column I present C's assert() mechanism and how it can be used to produce more robust code. Much better that your compiler point out your bugs than your boss or your customers.
Analyze This! - Tools to check out your network - Linux Magazine, May 2003.
"If you're connected to the Internet, keeping your network secure should be a top priority. Patching servers shows that you're mindful of the risks, but testing your network for vulnerabilities is the only way to gain real confidence that you're safe from crackers. Use our hands-on guide to analyze just how safe or assailable you actually are.
Go Directly To Jail - Secure Untrusted Applications with Chroot - Linux Magazine, December 2002.
This was inspired by my Tech Tip Best Practices for UNIX chroot() Operations, and it discusses the chroot facility and how it can be used to secure a UNIX application.
Anatomy of a Security Nightmare - SecurityFocus Guest Feature (2000/05/06) (link dead: local copy here).
This article described the nightmare security situation I discovered in a network run by Standard & Poors. The technical background, plus the more interesting denials and damage control, made for quite an adventure.
Time Services from the U.S. Naval Observatory - SysAdmin Magazine, Jul/Aug 1995 (with Ed Schaefer)
Ed and I discuss system time synchronization in a time before NTP: getting your modem to dial up the US Naval Observatory was the best you could do back then for the great majority of "regular" users.
3B Journal, Technical Editor, 1989-1990
This short-lived journal for AT&T 3B2/3B5 computer users was produced by Owens-Laing Publications, and I was the technical editor for two issues and contributed articles to several more. Some of my more technical writings on the topics can be found in my 3B2 Section on this web server.

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