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Each 3B2 board - I/O, backplane, motherboard, etc - has a "CM" code on it that reveals its identity, and we've collected many of these codes over the years. Additions welcome.

When taking an inventory of your cards, also note the "AM" number found near the CM code. This is "ArtMaster", and it's a board revision: generally higher AM numbers are newer and better.

Boardcode Type of card
CM190A 3B2/300 system board
CM191A 1/4 MB RAM card (/300)
CM191B 1 MB RAM card (/300 /310 /400)
CM191C 1 MB RAM card (/300 /310 /400)
CM191D 2 MB RAM card, 1/2 height (/300 /310 /400)
CM192B 2 MB RAM card (/400)
CM193A 3B2/300 backplane
CM193B 3B2/300 and /310 backplane
CM194B 3B2/400 backplane
CM195A NI (10Mb Ethernet)
CM195AA AIC card (Alarm Interface Circuit)
CM195AC Datakit Board
CM195AD Datakit Board
CM195AE Gen. Purpose Synchronous Controller
CM195AY EPORTS (8 serial)
CM195B PORTS (4 serial + 1 parallel)
CM195BA HPP PORTS (4 serial + 1 parallel)
CM195H CTC (23MB Cartridge Tape Controller)
CM195K XDC (Expansion Disk Controller)
CM195T ISC (Intelligent Serial Controller)
CM195U NAU (StarLAN)
CM195W SCSI controller
CM195Y EPORTS card (8 serial)
CM518A 3B2/500+/600 system board (WE32100 @ 18 MHz)
CM518B 3B2/622 system board (WE32200 @ 22 MHz)
CM518C 3B2/1000 M80 system board (WE32200 @ 24 MHz w/ 2 MMUs)
CM519A 3B2/600 backplane
CM519B 3B2/1000 M80 backplane
CM520A 3B2/500 backplane
CM521A differential SCSI controller (ver 3 hardware only)
CM522A VCACHE card - only used with CM518A and CM518B
CM523A 4 MB RAM card (3B2/600, /600) -- 256 kbit chips
CM523AA 4 MB RAM card (3B2/500, /600) -- 1 Mbit chips
CM523B 2 MB ECC RAM card (V3)
CM523D 16 MB RAM
CM524A PE card (multiprocessor) - goes in PBus slot
CM527A MPB card (multiprocessor) - goes in BUB slot