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A patch is available for the 3B2 systems to permit setting of dates in the year 2000: we've applied this to our 3.2.3 system without apparent incident. It replaces two commands plus one object file in the system libraries:

The last one will only be installed if the C compiler tools are present on the system: ignore any errors that occur on them (probably a missing ar command). If you subsequently install the C compiler utilities, reinstall this patch.

You can download the patch file here: it's a 720k binary:

To apply this patch, download it to your local system (the /tmp directory, perhaps?) and insert a formatted 3B2 floppy into the floppy drive. Then run these commands depending on whether you took the compressed version or not:

For the compressed version:

# cd /tmp
# uncompress y2k3b2.Z
# dd if=/tmp/y2k3b2 of=/dev/rdiskette bs=9b

For the uncompressed version:

# cd /tmp 
# dd if=/tmp/y2k3b2.bin of=/dev/rdiskette bs=9b

Label the floppy "3B2 Y2K patch" and use sysadm installpkg to install it. This does not require a reboot.

Credit - this patch was originally found on the Monmouth Army web site but was copied to my server; they have long since discontinued their Y2K migration site.