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Hartford XactPay My work with the Evolution Payroll system has exposed me to ancillary aspects of the payroll business, such as Hartford's XactPay pay-as-you-go Workers Compensation product. Though I can't really advise on insurance matters, since late 2008 I have gained an enormous experience with the communications protocols required to connect a payroll system with Hartford's web services platform.

Working with both the traditional XactPay platform, as well as the newer XactPay Xpress, I've developed:

These allow me to make integration smooth, reliable, and accurate.

Normally, bringing a new payroll service bureau online with Hartford takes at least six weeks of planning and testing, but with my XactTransact software, testing is just a few hours and doesn't typically involve the customer. We install it, and it works.

Implemented in daily production at numerous customers, my XactTransact software integrates into both Evolution and Execupay — at the same time! — and has been designed to expand to multiple payroll systems as needed.

What I Offer

If you're considering Hartford's XactPay product for your payroll service bureau, you'll find that I can be a resource saving you weeks of time.

How can I help you get up and running?

Note: if you are an employer looking to contract with Hartford Workers Compensation insurance, please contact your payroll service. I have nothing to do with the sales or contract cycle — I consult to payroll services only.