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AT&T no longer sells replacement battery packs for its model 9132 900 MHz two-line cordless phones, and none of the battery companies sell it either. This is not the same battery pack as any other phone I know about, in particular the 9100 one-line phone. The company Batteries Plus will do refurbishments only of this pack only, and for about $40 they will crack the case and replace the cells for you. You have to live without your phone for a few days, so I didn't care for this approach very much. They can be reached at 800-381-2288.

The battery pack is marked:

1074 Battery Pack
6.0V 700 mAH Ni-Cd

Internally, the pack uses five AA cells, each 1.2 volts @ 700 mAh. The original cells were made by Sanyo. These cells are not at all unusual, but they are in a hard plastic carrier that was not used for any other phones. With a sharp knife the case can be cracked open exposing the old cells. Take apart the old calls to get the longest length of the red and black wires that you can, because these will be soldered onto the new cells. Remember that plus is red and minus is black, and if you make a mistake it's usually obvious (and irreversible).

I ordered new cells from Digi-Key -- -- and though they sell the loose cells individually, they also can make up cell combinations for you with all the cells linked up and shrink-wrapped. This is clearly a much better approach. The old cells were rated for 700 mAh, but I wanted higher-capacity cells to give me more talk time. They sell both 800 and 1000 mAh but were out of stock on the 1000 mAh units. Ordered two packs so the next time I won't have to wait. Note that these part numbers are for the set of cells all shrink-wrapped together: it's very convenient.

Part number
@ 6.0 v
(Jul 1999)
P097-F051-ND 800 mAh $14.34
P092-F051-ND 1000 mAh $18.99

Remember to allow the cells to recharge before trying to use the phone, and it may take a while the first time. These are supposed to be fast-charge cells, but I'm not sure whether the AT&T charger does it this way. The higher capacity should give more talk time.