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Most of the housekeeping tasks in the iSystems Evolution™ payroll service-bureau system are done by administrators using the EEC (Evolution Enterprise Controller), but one common task — rebuilding the temporary tables — can be done from the Evolution application client itself. This Evo Tip provides instructions for how to perform this.

Rebuilding TMP_TBLS requires admin rights, so it may be required to login as the explicit admin user - this will become apparent if the required menu items are not found on user's menu as shown.

Rebuilding of temp tables is done one client at a time per thread, and for small numbers of clients (one or two) it will complete very quickly. This process may be run during live production, though for doing full rebuilds it's recommended to wait until the off hours due to the amount of time it takes and the load it puts on the system.

progress display Progress is shown in the Current status display, and the last numbers (m/n) shows how many (m) of the total (n) have been completed.

Note - there is no elegant way to interrupt a temp-table rebuild.

After doing a full rebuild of temp tables, it's recommended to sweep (backup and restore) the TMP_TBLS.gdb file on the Linux database server to essentially defragment the file and improve performance. This sweep process can only be done while Evolution is offline.

This is not necessary or recommended when rebuilding just a few clients.

2007/06/26: First published