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I have many years of experience with UNIX and Windows system administration, and in 2000 helped a customer go live with the 1.x release of Evolution payroll service-bureau software from Asure Software (née iSystems). I now support multiple customers with Evolution software administration all across the nation, and architected the classic SaaS environment hosted in the Evolution data centers.

I've developed an unparalleled expertise in the care and feeding of the Evolution infrastructure, in both test and production environments, and I count iSystems themselves as a paying customer for systems consultation, security architecture, and technical writing. I'll note that my expertise in payroll itself is quite limited.

The tools are free...

... but support is not. I'm always happy to receive reports of errors or unclear spots in my Tips or tools, but they don't generally include free support.

To the extent that you're operating outside your comfort zone, please retain professional advice from either iSystems Technical support, or from an experienced Evolution consultant.

I'm available on an hourly basis, or with retainer plans that provided prioritized responses and reduced hourly rates.

Important - not all Evo Tips are suitable for all users, and are intended mainly to assist experienced IT administrators (either Windows or Linux, as appropriate). They are not intended as step-by-step guides for those not generally familiar with the technology: it's imperative that important system work (patching or building a DB server, for instance) is supervised by an experienced Evolution administrator.

Though I have worked closely with iSystems/Asure in the past, none of my work is endorsed by them. I speak for myself only.

If you are a payroll customer using Evolution, please contact your service bureau for support — I don't typically support end users except as directed by my SB customers.

Obsolete / Retired tips

A number of tips have become obsolete due to changes in the various technologies used in the Evolution ecosystem, but they're retained here for posterity.

Note - Evolution payroll service-bureau software has positively nothing to do with the Open Source Evolution email system from Novell.